Spotlight on Jared Schonig


Jared Schonig plays drums on “No One Ever Tells You.” Jared has the most beautiful and powerful energy behind the drum set. There’s nothing quite like it.

Get to know Jared Schonig:

How we met:

I’m not exactly known for my memory but I think I met Jared doing a project with vocalist/pianist Brenda Earle. I remember thinking that he was insane but a great drummer that I hoped to work with more in the future. When I started looking for a new drummer to play with, I knew I needed to find someone sensitive but not afraid to poke and prod me (and the rest of the band) from behind the drums. Jared is that guy. I LOVE being on stage with him. I still think he's insane but I love it. 

What we’ve done together:

Jared and I have recorded 2 albums together. We’ve travelled a bit, but not enough. Enough to have some stories to tell though.

Fun fact:

My kids love Uncle Scho AND he brings them donuts. They love when he comes over for a visit. Jared also came into my son’s classroom to talk about playing drums on Broadway, the class loved him, too. Yes, Jared plays often on Broadway. He’s been in a lot of great shows including The Color Purple. 

My favorite thing:

I love that Jared texts me when I play with another drummer to see how it went. It makes me smile and makes me really happy. I love how Jared really propels me and pushes me on the bandstand. I love when Jared fills rests with grunts and other vocalizations. He is equal parts sensitive and monster chops. The one and only, Big Scho. 

Amy Cervini