Spotlight on Matt Aronoff


Matt Aronoff plays bass on “No One Ever Tells You.” He was on that very first show where the seed for this band was planted. We took a bit of a detour with Jazz Country in between but I’m so glad got around to making this record. Matt sounds amazing.  

Get to know Matt Aronoff:

How we met:
I met Matt when he was my brother’s roommate when they were at Manhattan School of Music (thanks Ernesto for introducing me to such awesome humans and musicians!). If I remember correctly, Matt was on tour with the circus at the time! The first gig we ever played together, was a bat mitzvah and I played saxophone. The fact that there was ever a second gig is a testament to his patience and sense of humor.

What we’ve done together:
Matt and I have recorded 4 albums together. We have toured the West and East Coast of the United States. We’ve played countless gigs, good and bad, fun and not so fun and always have a good time.

Fun fact:
Matt and I share a love of dental hygiene. It’s more of a duty, both of our fathers were dentists and we just don’t know any different. Matt brought Ethan a huge bag of candy for his one-year birthday…best present ever, I ate the whole thing very happily. Matt’s nickname, at least for me, is Aronofski. The band calls him Scaremoff but I just think that’s mean. ;)


My favorite thing:
There are so many things I love about Matt…he is a great musician, first off. He is a great friend, we’ve been through a lot together and over the years and I know he always has my back. 

Amy Cervini